intuitive energy and bodywork session

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i support people in moving energy through their body and find stuck spots to address the emotions and stories that get locked up to help them release

this helps both physically and mentally while also addressing and rewriting beliefs and patterns that created the tension and buildup in the first place

the work i do is full of soft love
it is grounding and balancing
but it is not passive

and is often followed by a bit of real talk

this work is collaborative
i serve as a mirror to your own energy

and help you find a safe space within yourself while also giving you tools to grow with

and help you shift perspectives as needed

i often work with your own creative, sexual energy to help you find safety in your skin and help you open yourself up

what should you expect during these in person sessions?
within this offering i may choose to use varying modalities from cupping, light compression and stretching, reiki and other energetic practies
one client may come in simply needing help grounding back into their body while others experience more depth and opening
simply put: i help meet you where you are and we flow from there

please note: my work is specialized for women, kids, and babies, but i do work with male clients on a case-to-case basis

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