Two of these exist.
They say two different things.

Where to begin? I’m a 20-something age group-elite athlete based in Charlotte, NC.

I model.
I coach.
I write.
I speak.
I dance {like no one is watching}.
I cook.
I care.
I have chronic illnesses I forget about.
I chase dreams.
I know I am awesome.
I know you are too. {Remember that.}

I’m a freaking Unicorn.

Basically, I do what I want with the hopes of inspiring others to chase their dreams and overcome their obstacles.

I am molding my life around what makes me happy and the things that I love. I plan to turn this world upside down.
There is so much you have no idea that I do.
And I’m perfectly OK with that.

I’m a sassy little thing too.

Want to contact me? Either head on over to the Contact me page for all that information including my mailing addres!
I would love to work with you.
Or simpler: ashetonbrown@gmail.com

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