Have you ever stopped to think about who you are in relation to what you are known for?

On the surface, I’m often asked is “what can’t you do?”

I’m Asheton better known as Smasheton.

Some know me as a runner who can kick it in a 5k but prefers to sprint it out on the track

I’m an occasionally competitive swimmer who also grew up dancing and playing soccer

I did it all

You name it and even now I’ll try it

But when you you ask me who I am, I will tell you I’m an evolving hurricane disguised as a Unicorn, a Mindset Ninja

Which means I’m passionate about humans, mental health, holistic wellness, and a lover of life

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  1. Ashton,

    Good Afternoon.

    Your contact info was sent to me by the HBi social media team this afternoon.

    We are interested both in working with you on our 2020 ambassador program and having you interview for one of our job openings as an in-house press and marketing officer.

    To note we are a 97 year manufacture of Cord, Webbing and Composite Braid that services the Sporting goods, Footwear, Outfitter and Industrial composite industries. We produce for companies like NB, UA and Adidas. ( in the running sector )

    Please reach out quickly, as Im trying to fill the roll in advance of our upcoming trade-show season and press announcements .

    Thank you.

    Sincerely, Daniel Bizzell

    Email: dbizzell@hickorybrands.com | Direct: 704-724-2342 | Website: http://www.hickorybrands.com

    From the Office of:

    Daniel L. Bizzell

    President | CEO | Hickory Brands Inc.

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