So much to know, so little time.

I recently switched from road to track and race the 100, 200, and 60m indoor.
I’m not old enough for masters track but I am working my butt off to not be the slowest one in my heat.

I also swim. Some. As well a coach swimming.
And coach running.
I had this crazy freaking childhood [who doesn’t these days?] that I plan to talk about and it fuels me to empower others to overcome their obstacles.
[p.s. no I’m not a victim. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. But I am a survivor.]

Yeah, I’m a freaking Unicorn. Ask me about it instead of talking about me behind my back.

I love food.
I graduated college early with a degree in Political Science minor in communications and public administration and I was pre-law but decided to ditch that route..

I’m the youngest child. The kind of youngest who was raised to figure life out for herself.

I somehow wound up where I am now and I really love tacos, pizza, french fries, cookies, and candy. All gluten-free.

I’m basically a hurricane and I embrace it.
It’s hard to stop a force of nature, right?

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