this thought came to mind as i began to cruise through the woods in a year old pair of trainers that were not “made” for the trails

their tread is wearing and this particular shoe is better suited for other surfaces

but i deviated off the greenway to play in the woods along my favorite trails

creating a moment in the middle of my own chaos to do some thing i love rather than telling myself it’s not ok to find joy in the midst of my own madness

but this thought about trusting our feet lead to a stream of consciousness that served as a remember that regardless of the blinders we try to put on our life — or in this situation my feet — it’s ok to move through situations with the possibility that we could fall as we test out our new awareness and even let go of what we expect will happen to experience our potential

examining my beliefs and tracing their origin is not the lightest of work and i lately have found myself diverting over integrating and creating

my awareness does not always match my actions

so as i turned to an old habit with new awareness floating through the woods i recognized where old beliefs are clashing with new awareness 

i need to take time to truly sit with what is coming up

integrating lessons and healing wounds and letting go of old beliefs  and reprogramming is hard and i’m not alone in doing this

we’re all creating in this life based on our own experiences and many of us are doing a lot of inside work to heal and expand

some feel more challenged while others feel like they’re thriving

it happens

that’s a cool part of this experience

we’re all growing through levels of our own and expanding as we do it

finding compassion and grace for ourselves and those around us is important

this holiday season already looks and feels a lot different from previous years but maybe it’s an opportunity let go of old beliefs that no longer serve us and create traditions of our own while still celebrating things and people we love

and maybe

just maybe

finding joy in the journey 

not just the outcomes