more of me.

i’m not going to write this in third person. i’m not going to do one of those types of about me’s.

my name is asheton but my kindergarten pe teacher gave me the nickname smasheton and it stuck. i’m always moving. always getting myself into something. i’m a unicorn ninja. and you can find me in neon spandex. or all black. sorry, sometimes it’s about learning and observing. it’s not about standing out in highlighter colors.

while my background is in politics and communications, after college i chose not to go to law school and followed bigger dreams as i came back out of a shell that i had been hiding under.

that was the best decision i ever made.
in the middle of that i started to run again.
after a 6-7year hiatus, i laced up and tried again.
the only thing that stops me now are injuries. but really those only slow me.

while creating a really rad name for myself, i’ve also met some amazing people, traveled the country, and established some amazing partnerships.

in november of 2014 i got sick. i later found out i had multiple chronic illnesses. my childhood, teenage years, and some pseudo adult years caught up with me too. i was also diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment during this time. what did i do about it? i embraced life. i took the time off i needed and i did all that i could to wrangle those in and by december of 2015 the 5 illnesses were managed and the mild cognitive impairment was a thing of the past. i forget i have them sometimes. i am back to me. but an even better version of me than before.

i went 22 months without racing. as a competitive athlete: that sucks. it was worth it. now i’m doing this track thing and loving it.

i’m still chasing my dreams and working on turning the world upside down.

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