Training: but not really.

The truth is, I really haven’t been training with the intention to get better, faster, or stronger lately.
I’ve been in a ridiculous funk. Life happens, right?
I had old foot issue show up and it really messed with my head. I immediately attacked taking care of it but it still really messed with my head. After dry needling graston last week it’s feeling a lot better but still babying it for now!
My ferritin is also ridiculously low and I haven’t been able to get it back up. I’m seeing a new doctor this coming month to find the source of this problem because I’m now starting to feel weak.
Oh! And dodo bird me also sprained my ankle last week. It’s minor sprain but I stepped off the trails as I finished a run and went down.

Reflecting on the last few weeks I’ve been putting so much focus on my amazing training clients, getting #CLTruns4wards prepped for Tuesday and Wednesday [get excited people!!!], but there have been distractions that I just need to get rid of more than anything. I’ve been putting people first that don’t deserve it and forgetting those who will always be there and not taking care of myself in the process.

I call myself an athlete but I haven’t been acting like one.
My message as an “influencer” is apparently getting lost.
I’m also bored out of my mind and I realized I’m holding myself back.
We all go through transitions.
I just feel like I’ve been going through one for way too long.

I’ll never share what races I have coming up but once this ankle ready and my other foot is done having a tempertantrum, I’ll be getting back to my old reality and hopefully my old energy and love for life.
Because honestly, that’s what’s missing.
run training on sidewalk Photos by: SweatCLT

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