but how did we get here
to ashley lane
i started making this tallow balm a couple years ago for my own personal use and even before that i was using plain tallow as my face moisturizer
it’s loaded with vitamins but in all honesty, i was at a place where i was tired of searching for some face something that worked and decided to give it a try when i recognized that it was a natural retinol
the balm evolved from there and i created what, to me, smells a lot like the cereal many of us grew up on and upon and now you get to use it too

MEDIUM milky-whey tallow butter

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handmade: handmade

2oz jar

a delicious whipped multi-purpose super balm that feels like silk on your skin

tallow is nature’s own retinol - a nutrient-rich deep-hydration moisturizer jam-packed with vitamins a, d, e, k and is noncomedogenic

my favorite use for this balm is a facial moisturizer!

other uses:

moisturizing lotion

massage/self massage

minor rashes and abrasions

sunburn relief


and many more

 grass-fed beef tallow, jojoba oil,

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