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Sleep: the PED that for the longest time I didn’t quite embrace. It’s the least talked about but most important performance enhancer on the market. This isn’t to say I didn’t try to get more sleep. It’s not that I didn’t know I needed sleep to improve my performance, increase my recovery from hard workouts, and simply improve my cognitive functions long term….
I just suck at sleeping.

asleep on the bed

The fastest running man will tell you, ““Sleep is extremely important to me – I need to rest and recover in order for the training I do to be absorbed by my body” – Usain Bolt.

I’ve slept on varying mattresses my entire life. I can get to sleep, it’s what happens when I’m “asleep” that is questionable. That is until recently when I received a rad new mattress designed with someone as active as me in mind!

Partnering with Snoozecube has been a dream. Literally.  My watch has the ability to measure my sleep. And according to my app, since sleeping on my new mattress, my deep sleep has increased an average of 90 minutes per night. What? I wake up less during the night to adjust my sleep position and the next morning I’m more physically refreshed, and less achy than I have been in a while.

As an athlete and budding entrepreneur with a busy schedule, sleep is ridiculously important to everything I do, especially during heavy run training cycles. I found this out the hard way a few years ago and have since put an even greater emphasis on sleep in my life. Our cognitive brain functions depend on sleep and so does the recovery of our muscles.  Cited in a Standford Sleep study to say that “sleep is an important factor for peak athletic performance..” When my health did a U-Turn a few years ago, sleep became one of the most important tools for my recovery. Since then, I’ve upped my game to improve my sleep habits to not just help me return to training but also keep me there and help me out of the cognitive issues I was experiencing. And now, my sleep just got better.

When my Snoozecube first arrived, I was stoked. I’d been up since 4:30 am from training a client early that morning. I had an amazing feeling my first night’s sleep was going to be a good one, not just because I was exhausted. Often times when you’re over tired, you don’t sleep as well. That night wasn’t the case.

I’d seen a few of the unboxing videos from Snoozecube’s Instagram page and read their directions so I knew what was to come of my mattress in a box. I actually sent my mom a photo of the mattress and her only response was “wow.” She was kind of confused how it all fit in there, as were a few others I sent the photo too! Once I unboxed my mattress, got her all setup on my bed and watched her come to life I was so excited to jump on my bed! Fun fact: there is NO bounce. Just a nice soft landing. Which is perfect if you’re sharing your Snoozecube with someone, because if you’re like me and notorious for dancing in your sleep, you’re not going to disturb your bedmate with your sleep dances once you get your own Snoozecube.

That night,  I slept so much better than I had in weeks. I was curious though because naturally we all want to try out a bed before we sleep on them but truly, the Snoozecube is just the right mix of soft and firm that I was able to get my good deep sleep and REM cycles in. I even woke up without my covers everywhere for once after actually sleeping a solid 9 hours. I couldn’t believe I didn’t wake up once through the night. Why is this important?

Multiple studies show humans need an average of 7-8 hours of unbroken sleep a night. 6 hours? Sure, if that’s all you can get but you should truly aim for alegs up napping on snoozecube minimum of 7. Athletes with heavier training loads need up to 10 a night. In a book, “Sleep to Win,” Dr. James Maas even suggests cutting out the early workouts for high level athletes in favor of sleep, that studies showed an improvement of performance by those athletes.

Me? Contrary to popular belief: I don’t do morning workouts and take my time in the mornings since I work from home most days. If I don’t have to be up, I’m not up. I value my sleep that much. If I have early morning clients, I always go home and nap after.

And now my naps are on a whole new level. Also! There’s an additional layer built into the mattress to help resist sagging when you sit on edges!

To further improve my sleep patterns I’ve added some new routines since getting my Snoozecube:
1. No more dinner/breakfast/snacks in bed– I’m crummy…
2. No more doing work in bed. Even with the additional foam layer, I’ve made my bed a relax and sleep only zone for the most part. I live in a studio so separating areas is a little difficult but I’ve designated the area in front of my bed as my work zone!
3. Bright lights go out by a certain time and only the smaller lamps on an hour leading up to bed.
4. The “bedtime” mode on my phone goes on 2-3 hours before bed.
5. TV/Music off by 10pm. I don’t really watch TV shows religiously other than News and Sports but sometimes I find myself in a Netflix binge…
6. Foam roll before sleep to help my muscles continue to relax as I snuggle into my Snoozecube!

stretching with snoozecube box behind me

Are you in need of a new mattress? I recommend checking out Snoozecube! They’ve been amazing to work with and well the mattress is a dream! And they offer $75 off your 1st purchase with the code SNOOZE!

Do you have any tips, tricks or sleep issues? Let me know below! I’d love to hear from you!

While all thoughts are my own, this post was done as part of a partnership with Snoozecube 🙂
Photography: Sam Gay Photography
Outfit: Ivy Citizens

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