Some goals shift.
Some goals stay the same.
And some goals we keep completely to ourselves.
At least that’s how it is for me.

When I first started writing my goals out for 2019 with BluePrintFit in mind, they included multiple track meets and several swim meets. In between then and now a lot has changed. In my first draft I even wrote “I’m back to training in the pool alongside my intense track workouts.” I have since adjusted that. My workouts currently include 1–2 weekly visits to the physical therapist, very easy runs, and 1–2 swims. At least for now as we introduce heavier movement back into my routine with my usual summer antics.

Not two weeks following my first draft, I tore two big ligaments in my ankle: my ATFL and CFL. I was doing parkour while training for a big project in LA but ultimately came home early to heal. And have been while working on my nutrition because in the midst of this I got my most recent BluePrintFitbloodwork back and we noted that even though I had improved on some things we were concerned about before, but had done really well at getting my omegas and ferritin levels to normal, something was going on with my protein intake that needed to be adjusted.

Previous blood work also showed that when I was stressed, my body was not adapting. I took so much of that into consideration and have given more priority to sleep, saying no to late night events when I know I have early mornings, and prioritizing me. This last round of BluePrintFit bloodwork showed my hormones levels were back to normal and I’ve done better at managing stress prior to injury.

You see, working with BluePrintFit over the last year has been incredibly helpful for me with getting to know more about my body, my training load. They’ve helped me better understand where deficiencies lie in my nutrition. I’m excited to continue this progression into my 2019 even with these hiccups.

When it comes to making adjustments for nutrition while injured, I’ve done the same thing I would do as though I would be racing.

While I’m over here recovering from injury, my nutrition actually still needs to be on point. It’s just as crucial now as it would be if I was competing and training with 2-a-days to promote healing and recovery in order for my body to not work in constant overdrive just to stay in balance.

What I’ve been eating has generally stayed the same but I have made a major effort to take in more protein as recommended by my BluePrintFit Dietician.

Some of the big changes I made over the last year to my nutrition that helped improve my internal and overall health have been taking supplements that support my needs. Like the Xendurance line of vitamins and supplements (Extreme Endurance, Joint Support, Immune Support, and their Omega vitamins). I also use Xendurance protein and Collagen peptides for protein and both have nutrients in them that have helped so much. Additionally, I take a heme based iron supplement while continuing to eat regular meals fueled with nutrients fit for my lifestyle and needs. Homemade cookies included. Because balance.

My ultimate goal for 2019 is to heal and get back to regular running and I’m so grateful to have my partners at BluePrintFit by my side to help me monitor my insides while I live life outside. But we have also concluded I’m not human with how fast I’m healing. And that’s pretty cool.

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