Running on Tacos: Only letting the good sh*t in.

Running to so many of us is a therapy.
Fitness in general is  that happy place.
It brings out the best in us.
It helps us find out way through so much.
To some who don’t understand the journey of fitness and running, they will say that we, as runners are often running away from our problems. What many don’t understand is that running helps so many of us solve what ails us: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Not typical for a Tuesday, I woke up not wanting to get out of bed but not untypical for me to have a day where my heart is heavy and an unknown burden is on me. Some days my brain just doesn’t work. Some days I just don’t feel like running through my routine of life. Some days I don’t want to go for a run. But it’s on those days that I know running is the only thing that is going to save me no matter how many tears I may cry.

Emotionally I have no desire to be around anyone.
Verbally, my ability to speak out loud is questionable.
Physically, my body is just sad and usually lacks an appetite.

Mentally though, while I may not be the sharpest version of myself on these days, I do know that running is going to wake everything back up and help me through whatever has taken over. Because that movement fuels so much in my world and reminds me that this life is my own. No one can take power from me. My choices are mine. I can’t let some cloudy morning ruin that momentum.

Today was no different.

After a mess of finding the clothes I wanted to wear [I have so much laundry to fold]. A weird pre-run fuel. Almost forgetting to take my headache preventative…. I launched.

And I mean LAUNCHED. The first mile was warmup and that’s where I saw the sign.
It opened up my eyes.
I saw the sign…

One of the roads on the route I took is closed for construction but it had a sign leaning against the road block that said “Access For Sabor” I proceeded to take a photo and had to text a friend while running “Road open for Tacos.” I smiled to myself the rest of the run. Today is Taco Tuesday and if you’re not in Charlotte or familiar, Sabor has $1 Autentico tacos on Tuesdays. This is also important. Their “Authentic” tacos are the special tacos today.


As I progressed through this run and ended up beasting the progression, I realized how symbolic this was. The road was only open for the good, authentic Sh*t.

Lately I’ve been working hard to clear my life of that which has held me back, the mental road blocks, and really push to a clean slate while opening my own doors to fresh air and just breathing again. Working with not against my anxiety and more. I had suffocated behind my own mask for so long that it is time for me to only let the good shit in and keep the Unnecessary out. I was working on only letting the good sh*t in myself. I only want the real, good sh*t in my life. I may have my messed up, crazy moment but I am real about what I do.
I realized the connection today. And as my mind processed my cadence got faster, my knees drove harder, and my pace got stronger. In the end, I was comfortable with the uncomfortably strong 6:30ish pace I held for the last 10 minutes of this run. So much good was let in through this run and unnecessary was left behind or blocked out.

Even more awesome, I had a cheerleader as I passed one of the hospital grounds here who didn’t say I looked great, she said “You’ve got a great physique! Kill it girl!” all while she was being pushed in a wheel chair. I can’t tell you how inspiring that was for me. She didn’t call me skinny. Not anything you normally hear. She used a term you mostly hear from those in fitness. Whatever she was in the hospital for, I truly hope she gets better soon. Because whenever any journey is interrupted, that’s one ride I’ve been on. It’s truly enlightening but it doesn’t change how frustrating it is!

But OK, this whole taco lesson is so important for all of us:
We are all working our asses off to accomplish so much. We are all trying so hard to be good people and share and let others into our world because maybe we want to try something new or make a new friend. We are all on epic journeys  and along that way we are thrown curveballs that we don’t know what to do with but we have to do something with them.
Well here’s the thing: learning yourself is important. You must start to trust yourself enough to know what is healthy and good and strong and worth that leap of faith in your life because you should only let that good sh*t in.

I should stress, the road that was open for Tacos, these are quality tacos. So when I say let the good sh*t in: I also mean quality. Always choose quality over quantity.

We are constantly given a quantity of things. Choosing the good sh*t in that quantity over the mix of all these things that will be thrown your way is important. There will be the unnecessary. The extra you don’t need. Haters. Those working to steer you off your path. Distractions. Squirrels. Toxic waste. The wrong kind of trouble [trust me, some trouble is the good kind and I full endorse the good kind], and just things that are extra excessive. Toss that sh*t.
And sometimes, like this road block I came upon, those unneccessary, extras, are just meant to be kept out for a short while until everything is ready and set for what is to come. Sometimes, only the good sh*t should be let in so that later on you are better prepared to tackle whatever else comes your way. OR even brighter, so that maybe, just maybe, you have time to prepare for something greater.

I’m a believer that things happens for a reason.
Things happens when they’re supposed to.
Things happen based on a culmination of hard work, trust, and passion.
Timing is just a rad part of it.

And now that I’m done rambling, I’ll sum it up with this:
Open your road for the Good Tacos because nobody’s got time for anything less than the best.

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