in a past life i was shamed to my death for simply being me

for being a healer

an energy holder 

an alchemist

but they named me a witch

leading to my death

i was raped in an alley and was gifted a son

i fled to the woods with my skirts in hand and baby in womb

one evening when running to protection

the man i loved

the one who promised safety

betrayed me

he made me a spectacle 

but when they tried to kill me

i wouldn’t die

i couldn’t die

not because i was a witch

because my human form was too strong

for a death so simple

dying was easy

living was hard 

they tried to drown me

they tried to burn me

but ultimately they had to stab me

once more

directly in my heart

they stole my son

but they did not steal my soul

they could not steal my will

they could not steal my light

they sentenced me to an eternity of shame

and betrayal of my own heart

they sentenced me to a life on the run

but now i spend my life healing

learning to trust not just others but myself

i spend my time learning to embrace all of me

learning to not hide from my magic

i spend my life learning to love