what is capable coaching?
it is a mindset that we are all wildly capable of healing, loving, and thriving in a world that often has forced us to seek only to survive

the work we do together focuses on YOU by identifying your patterns, triggers, and creating a catered plan around your own healing timeline

i truly believe we are all capable of growing and healing our traumas and we don’t have to do it alone

we don’t need rescuing, we need support

when working with me, clients have the opportunity to address not only their lifestyle goals but also their trauma patterns

as someone who spent years in therapy only to essentially “fire” therapists because i recognized that the hamster wheel, medicine pushing methodology just did not work

at that point i began to connect with a few mentors outside the prescribed mental health field and found a stronger path that both inspired me but also empowered me by putting the power back into myself to hold myself accountable to heal

i stopped blaming others for my perceived failures
i learned to lean in and ask for help
i finally understood where i was playing victim, where i sought out others to make me feel better than actually work with myself
i stopped asking to be rescued and made clear what i really needed from others and myself
i faced my shadows and examined the mirrors in my life

i absolutely played with imposter syndrom

which helped me own the fact that i can see beyond that surface level of healing and own my strengths and help you own and feel your own

all of which which has provided an amazing foundation to help support your through their healing much like i was supported

on top of a lifetime of experience healing trauma, with a lot of work within sexual trauma and examining other experiences that helped shape and impact how i work with people through both tough and soft love, i have also spent time with reiki, psychology courses, mentorship classes, and more to help me better support YOU in your journey

i serve as a sounding board for ideas
i am an ear when someone just needs to be heard
i am a safe place to confide in
and i am here to teach you to find that safe space within you
here to hold you accountable
and here to help you grow

monthly coaching includes:
weekly face-time/zoom calls to check in
energy readings
goal setting
pattern tracing
and much more

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