Killer Core: training with Pono Boards

Hello Gorgeous Humans!

I recently partnered with Pono Board to create a workout video and hosted a giveaway for my followers on Instagram!

I wanted to share more photos from the shoot and and give my blog followers the opportunity to watch the video!

So many of these moves and exercises can be done with or without the balance board using steps and other equipment! The Pono Balance board creates a really unique and awesome twist to your workouts!

A little extra info on these boards straight from the website:

Feel great and be energized at work or play. The Pono Board’s unique lateral motion strengthens core muscles with simple movement, so you can stay focused at your desk or workout

Easy core strengthening, Stay focused / Mindful, Anti fatigue, Adjustable instability

Balance Boards for your desk or workout. Better than motionless standing desk anti fatigue mats, and easier than wobble boards at the gym. Unique lateral motion strengthens core muscles more than ergonomic standing mats. The balance board’s simple movement is fun, like a beach workout. The Pono Board isolates motion to the horizontal plane eliminating the ‘teeter totter’ on other balance boards.

Happy Balancing! If you’re interested in getting one of you’re own, CLICK HERE! 


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All photos and video production by Sam Gay and Strike With Chaos Productions

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