Political Triggers: Women in Positions of Power

I was going to stay away from many of these political conversations. However, DeVos being confirmed as Secretary of Education strikes a Nerve. I don’t care that she’s a female in a government position. At first, I didn’t think I would say anything.

Why?  My current persona is fitness, not politics. Why would people want to hear this from me? Maybe my following would fall away if they disagree. But y’all, my background is in politics. And if you leave before you disagree:
I have a Bachelors in Political Science with a minor in Communications and Public Administration. I was also Pre-Law. And this topic is more bipartisan than any other I could have brought up.
And then, I thought, well I don’t have kids. Why talk about education? But then, then I remembered my three nephews.
My 12 year old nephew.
My 5 year old nephew who can read like a second grader.
He started reading when he was 3.
And my youngest nephew who just turned 3.
Oh, and I think he’s starting to do the reading thing too.
These kids are showoffs and their education system is about to get messed with.

My nephew’s educations are going to be directly affected by the woman who was confirmed as the Secretary of Education today. However, if you have been missing out on the conversation, here’s the gist on her: she is NOT super qualified to be the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. She is a lobbyist with a lot of money who has pushed for some weird education reform in her state that hasn’t reformed anything from numbers I’ve found and other information I’ve looked up. Her intentions were decent on the cover but her results not so much.


So with all this mess, all the phone calls my fellow North Carolinians made to our “Undecided” representatives, NC senators still voted YES. These people Do not represent my vote. I Don’t claim them.

The female representatives who voted yes: I believe you think you are pushing for another woman in a place of power. You likely think you are empowering more women. I disagree. This is “feminism” at its worst. All this woman is doing is making women in power look like incompetent. I am 100% for more female representation in our government if, and only if, those women are competent and skilled and qualified to serve in the are in which they are selected or elected to represent. If a person has NO experience with the law, he or she would not be appointed to the judiciary. Same goes for someone a situation where a person with no military experience absolutely would NOT get appointed as the Defense Secretary. So why is a woman with no Educational background, aside from attending school in general, being confirmed as the Secretary of Education? `

She was confirmed because Women and Men in office have lost their backbones.
We are afraid of what dear POTUS will do when he has a temper-tantrum.
Senators have forgotten about our Constitution and the things called Checks and Balances.
I literally have not seen a single post in support of DeVos yet she was confirmed.
And NC reps have contributed to her.
And now a Kentucky Congressman is seeking to abolish the Dept. Of Education and Energy.

All of these things are reactionary and out of fear.
Someone with a backbone, education, experience, and the wherewithal to smack some sense into this country needs to stand up and do something.

And those somebody’s left with our checks and balances are those in our Judiciary which are being thrown rocks at because POTUS forgot out the Government works.
But these humans are likely hovering waiting for someone to do something Unconstitutional. HOWEVER,
As humans, they need to speak up and remind our representatives they have a duty to represent their constituencies and stop playing games. Because there are only so many actions we can take. But locally: we must continue to actually be active locally. We must contribute to our state and local governments. We must invest in the education and health of what is going on in our own cities. If we don’t start small. If we don’t start with what is right in front of us NOW, these big picture, big stupid government things, will only get worse.

To have an unprecedented vote happen means something is up. There’s no reason we should be in this place.

While these are just my initial reactions because I can’t help but think about what could happen to my Nephews’ education next.
I know that something better will come of everything in the next 4 years.

Because the WORLD will not tolerate the fall of the country who has played a huge role in saving other countries in their time of need.

Until the next Terrible Tuesday.

P.s. I also hear that the stay on the Dakota Pipeline is being overturned or something but I don’t have the heart to look more into that tonight. Trump is a dirty man to break a 100 year old treaty with the Native Americans. Tomorrow. I will watch that news and read that news tomorrow.

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