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i am the idea person

my imagination should be taken full advantage of

this offering is available to those seeking business and brainstorming advice

i have a very diverse background and a really cool brain that can see all pieces of a scenario and help you narrow down what you are truly seeking answers for

i have the vision to help you brainstorm new ideas, adjust current and old practices, and evolve

i absolutely cannot help you with your taxes but i can help you figure out what the heck it is you need to do next for your business or how to manage aspects of your world that just don't make sense and i will always refer you to those who have greater expertise than i do -- yep, you get to take advantage of the last decade of networking i have done through multiple industries

you can pick my brain for nutrition advice, dating, relationships, etc.

this offering provides you the opportunity to workshop things in different ways than my other offerings through creative consultation

the minimum rate for this offering is $25 for the quickies
i trust that you will respect my time and see value in the work we will do together, especially for more in-depth projects presented

this offering does come with the option for in person as well as virtual sessions
[ i am absolutely open to travel]

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