not running makes me crazy: it’s time to take care of myself

Not running last week made my brain a bit nutty while taking time off after spraining my ankle.

This week, I’m easing back into a solid running schedule with my coach and seeing how my ankle feels.
Monday’s run attempt just sucked. Mentally, after multiple unexpected curveballs and Monday tornadoes, I started with a mindset I’m not proud to call my own. Co-working with a friend helped but my anxiety had taken over, I was too focused on solving this week’s out of nowhere problems and let how sensitive I actually am get in the way of me enjoying my “me” time. I hate it so directly affects my training. As a coach, it’s something I always keep in mind when I make plans and consider with those I work with, I try to take away the stress of others.

Yesterday and today I’ve learned more inter-personal and business lessons in a less than 24 hour span that I have in a while. There are things that are of no reflection of me as a person and those I just know to do better with next time. This week however I have to hustle to save my own ass as a result of this voodoo and work really hard to make up for what was lost. Fact of life, right? I need to stop letting this affect my own running so much. My magic is stronger. [I will say this till it sticks that I have to let it go]

But during this time I need to try to temporarily let go of my standard Type-A problem of not letting go, at least during my “me-time” and just let myself go running.  If I don’t do that, I am going to truly lose my mind. Taking care of myself, doing the things to calm my anxieties, while keeping me relaxed and in the game is how I will maintain momentum.

Some of my tricks to keeping my sanity when I can’t take full days off or even go run:
1. Bubbles. bubble baths with some epsom salt is not only super productive for recovery for my legs but a great way for me to just check out for a little while.
2. Explore. checking out of my amazing city and wandering nature is an great way to keep me centered. sometimes a standard run just doesn’t do it. taking a little extra time to drive 15-25 minutes to run is well worth it and my brain works so much better after.
3. Netflix binge. while focussing on organizing, any mindless tasks that don’t require me to have silence for my ADHD brain, I’ll throw on a great Netflix show to help inspire me.
4. Cook or Bake. I’m a stress baker but it’s more about the creating. It helps me relax as I create something in my kitchen. However tonights cooking creation showed me just how off balance I truly I am right now.
4. Time out. setting off a couple hours for no expectations. it may seem unproductive but letting my mind rest during awake hours is rejuvenating. when you work for yourself, it’s not a 9-5 Monday to Friday gig. It’s a wake up to bedtime gig Sunday to Sunday the majority of the time. I no longer feel bad about recharging. It’s that important. However, I do need a real vacation, STAT.

The longer you let stress and life wear you down without regularly taking some time for yourself, the more worn down you get. It’s a hard fact for so many of us go-go-goers to face. And when we get thrown major hits in the middle of our momentum building stages that serve as huge setbacks, when we haven’t taken that time for ourselves… the road back up is ruff. Always worth it, but definitely ruff.

Making life easier on yourself is the most important. Setting yourself up for success is too. The work on the backend is so important. And I am working on doing more of that. It’s also my least favorite.
The lessons I’ve learned in the last few days, really, have fueled me to do better in the future and line my pockets with more glitter.
Amazing opportunities are on the way for all of us, but making sure we’re well equipped to handle the energy is important too. Take time for yourself. Being selfish with your energy at times will safe yourself, your business, and your relationships.
Prepare yourself to prevent as much backlash from any curveballs as possible, initially align yourself with those who best fit what you are doing and your vision. But most importantly: trust your gut. Don’t hesitate.
Hesitating to verbalize the importance of things and accountability in matters may have partially gotten me in one of my unnecessary binds this week. They’ll all workout. But I just finished a necessary me moment while I worked on some of those mindless tasks to set me up for a productive Tuesday before the second of the 2 #CLTruns4wards events!

What do you do to unwind?
Do you have any special tricks?
Share them below!

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