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the first question i ask a lot of people when they express a feeling of imbalance in their life or frustration is when the last time they masturbated was?

there’s a bit of shock value that goes into that

it typically catches a lot of people off guard

i don’t expect an answer but it does suggest a bit of self examination

because really when the fck is the last time you reminded yourself of what pleasure means to you

the yoni egg is a great tool to help remind us of our own pleasure while not only helping us strengthen our pelvic floors [when used properly] but also our experience with sex emotionally and physically

but what is a yoni?

in sanskrit our yoni is our womb

while doing research on a tool i’ve been using for a while, this is what the basics boil down to:

yoni eggs are part of an ancient practice and full of potential

surface level: yoni eggs, much like ben-wa balls can be used as sex enhancer via mindless kegels and some other work you may or may not be aware of while using your egg which is found on an intentional level

intentional level: yoni eggs have been shown to help strengthen pelvic floor, incontinence, etc. through proper use and exercise — try not to sleep with your yoni in

the deep dive: yoni eggs can help women to intuitively and mindfully reconnect with their pleasure center through the root chakra helping them not only learn what pleasure means to them but also help women own their magic and become unfuckwithable in all areas of life and for some help heal trauma*

while none of this advice is medical, there is an abundance of information and research around the internet supporting the use of yoni eggs for women’s health purposes

i am working on a small e-book to share with those interested

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