I am free because I have rules and codes that I live by. My moral compass is strong. I know who I am and why I am the way I am

While everyone sees me as this untameable spirit; they are mostly right. You can’t tame me because I set my own standards. Not you. I  have been my own judge for so long, that I have set myself free and I can simply let go because of all I have put into place. What I’ve worked for, all I’ve established has allowed me to let go.

I choose my battles.

I choose when to walk or run.

I rarely need anyone to make decisions for me.

If I seek guidance it’s because I’m creating new standards or those I’ve already established have been brought into question and may need adjusting.

But I remain free.

I will always be free

So little binds me. And if I seem blind, I’ve chosen not to see.

And within relationships of all kinds I am the most free.

This is where i can shine, this is where I know my freedom could be protected the most. I could be safe here.

Yet so vulnerable.

But you see, that vulnerability is so freeing too. It opens me to the new and the more which excites me and challenges my rules. While you’d think this would upset my order, I enjoy it.

Rules are meant to be broken, adjusted, changed, renewed.

While my foundation and overall sense of me will always be grounded, the freedom I have given myself seeks new. It seeks fresh ideas and a greater understanding of the world. It wants to run even wilder only to come back home and process all that it has learned and make any adjustments to that personal code necessary to continue growing and evolving so I, myself, can remain free and happy living my life the way I want to.

So I can keep exploring and learning new ways to love myself and others. So I can also learn to let go of what could hold me down; so I can keep myself out of the past and remain in the present with my eyes and heart set forward into the future.

And if my heart breaks during this exploration, which it has numerous times, I will survive. I have learned that each break is different. But I don’t hold onto those breaks in a way that hold me back. I stay aware of them to remind me that I am stronger and that I am always capable of love, that I am capable of moving forward, but I let them go because they can’t hold me back from loving again.

They didn’t take my freedom. They simply changed my code, they made it stronger but those breaks taught me resiliency and set me free each time. They allowed me to continue meeting amazing people. Because even friendships can break your heart.

So with each amazing person I take note. I remember the amazing things and I keep living my life and sharing my dreams and knowing all I have to offer this world is more than enough. I have enough to give tenfold. And that, too, keeps me free.

Rules and codes and love. They keep me free. While I often struggle to let go, I am always me. I am always free.