an assorted collection of affiliate and partner links of some of my favorite things

liqid IV
a new favorite in my nutrition routine
use the code smasheton for 25% off any purchase

nutrsiense CGM [constant glucose monitor]
constant glucose monitor
$25 off your first month with the code SMASHETON

one of my favorite vitamins which has all the essential vitamins and minerals packed into a resin tab — i take 1-3 a day just depending on how i feel

infrared light panel — PBM
this is my favorite i wake up with this panel and go to sleep with it on
no only does it help me recover from a long day of screen staring but also helps to balance circadian rhythms so when i wake up before the sunrise i’m not tricking my body into thinking it’s the afternoon by instantly looking at my phone… this panel is also a game changer for winter months of darkness with multiple settings and a timer

ancestral supplements
using the code SMASHETON will get you 10% off your purchase of my favorite supplement
highly recommend starting with beef organs and growing your collection of goodies from there
other favorites: collagen, liver, brain, and heart

you automatically get 10% off when you use my link, no code necessary
my favorite products are: fuel 5 and either vanilla or chocolate protein
they have sample purchase options available as well 🙂

buy me a pizza or some tacos
most of the content i provide is NOT sponsored
if you’d like to help me keep things that way and buy me a snack
i will not turn you down

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