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this bracelet was created with mother's day in mind, to remind us we are together as one, in harmony with each other and supported-- much like a mother-child relationship and full of love that creates a safe space to call home where we can all dream and play

leto was the mother of my favorite twins, artemis and apollo, and the goddess of motherhood, who, much like the energy this bracelet holds, was known for protecting her young

rose quartz: the love of all love, fueled by self love with it’s calm and gently energy that is always open to the love within

opalite: a beautiful energy clearer that helps it’s wearer feel a sense of stability while often being referred as “merlin’s stone;’ reminding us we are always provided for by the universe

snowflake obsidian: helping us let go of our fears, this mirror stone connects us to our guardians as a reminder that you are protected and loved, and forever seen. this stone encourages us all to help hold our power and make dreams come true

multi banded agate: everything in harmony, this stone continues to connect us to the energy around us while helping us be more away of peace, clarity and hope in our lives

these bracelets are very durable and have been tested by myself and many friends whose feedback has consistently been they wear them all the time and are kid approved

there are a few "boy" versions as well and "girl" versions of the bracelet with the feminine one having a pink banded agate included while the boys do not

the apollo and artemis bracelets are also perfect pairs for a mother's day gift to expand your own connection with your own maternal roots
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