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isis is the egyptian mother, the goddess of fertility, magic, and healing whose archetype is fueled by unconditional love for others and ourselves; she is here to remind us she is present, she is with us always, and we are always supported

this bracelet was created with the intention to help us become aware of our own love and all we are within our feminine spirit as she embodies what it means to step into your power not to gain but to help us all transform ensuring we are all wildly capable of anything

stones used:
clear quartz: the healer, amplifier, protector, that helps us connect to our higher self and enhances our alignment with all chakras

orage calcite: an amplifier and cleanser that helps us opens our minds and embrace our sexual energy while giving us a new perspective as we absorb and learn from the world around us

rhondite: this heart stone radiates confidence through chaos bringing a sense of calm and balance as we move through the energy around us

tigers eye: empowering, courageous, and joyful stone that holds a sense of joy and clarity while we bring our ideas to life; it’s said to help balance and bring a sense of unity

rose quartz: the love of all love, fueled by self love with it’s calm and gently energy that is always open to the romantic in us all

carnelian: carrying a passionate and motivating energy, known for it’s ties to fertility and our libido as it helps with our physical strength and ignites the fire in us all

pyrite: a protective stone full of inside as it helps us consciously shift into a more positive mindset

[each bracelet is made with durable elastic .8mm string and each knot is double secured with glue]

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