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people come to me for insight on their lives and energy

they trust my intuition and extra sensory abilities to help support and guide them through whatever is on their heart

some come for guidance on specific experiences and patterns while others feel completely lost

whatever is on your heart, whether you are aware or not will reveal itself throughout our session

but each session, working together, we will workshop what comes up both physically and emotionally

following each heart check i will follow up with a short write up and any additional notes for what comes up during our sessions

extra things to know:
sessions are available for text chat via telegram or DMs as well as phone call/video call
longer sessions can be split!

energy work is not a one size fits all cookie cutter practice
it is always specific to the individual and their needs

for example, one of my first energy sessions i experienced was supposed to be a reiki session but the practitioner [who also did my reiki 1 attunement] recognized my energy was calling for quantum hypnosis

the same flexibility applies to sessions with me

video and call sessions will begin with heart opening breath work where we will scan your energetic field while creating a safe space for each client to share

following this breath work we will discuss what comes up through the client, anything i read through what they feel, what they share, and what is perceived

there are times prior to each session that i will have a vision or download of information from a client and often will do some distance work leading up to our one on one calls depending on what a person is asking for [consciously and subconsciously]

some sessions will feel like a chat simply getting things off a client's chest and we take time to put the puzzle pieces together
others will end up in an immediate deep dive
often those who come to me feeling like they're in crisis will experience something completely different as we sort their puzzle pieces
again no one size fits all cookie cutter here
for the in person sessions, there is always a chance the deep dive can turn into a past life regression
but what is revealed in a heart check all depends on how open a client is to the experience and the level of trust they have within themselves

once you've placed your order, i will reach out to you via email to setup a date/time for our session

if you have any questions feel free to email me at info@smasheton.com

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