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hand made energy bracelet created with gaea in mind as a protection bracelet from negative energies that aims to bring a sense of strength and calm to it's wearer much like a mother as gaea is often seen as the mother of mothers and keeper of the earth whose essence is within us all

snow quartz: a calm, soothing stone balanced in the feminine

lapis lazuili: bringing us peace and calm as we connect with ourselves and protecting us a we evolve

picture jasper: grounds us to our earth essence while protecting us and absorbing negative energy

amethyst: our protector, aids in communication and enhances our intuition as we focus and connect

turquoise howlite: helps us consciously let go of our toxic past as we embrace our wisdom and brings a sense of calm

malachite: connects us to our spirit as we heal and let go allowing us to open our vision and see our own transformations

matte black agate: a calming stone full of love, positive energy, and protection as we heal

[each bracelet is made with durable elastic .8mm string and each knot is double secured with glue]
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