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freyja is the norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility; she embodies divination, magic and wealth as a true goddess of nature and the unseen as she was truly irresistible and loyal

this energy bracelet is intended to help us all master our energies, embrace our talents, empower us and shift into the mindset that we are wildly capable

bronzite: enhances courage and strength as we release and make big and new decisions; helpful with manifesting

rose quartz: the love of all love, fueled by self love with it’s calm and gently energy that is always open to the romantic in us all

matte amazonite: similar to it's polished sister, this stone creates a sense of honesty and integrity helping us release our fears as we allow ourselves to trust out own abilities, strengthens our intuition and is said to help wearers tap into their psychic and other mystical abilities

selenite: purifying stone helping clear blocks and relieve stress as it helps us consciously expand perceptions and heal

crazy lace agate: this stone is full of smiles and laughs and is said to protect us from negative energies while opening channels of positive thinking and consciously boosting our self esteem as it bridges generational gaps through open communication

celestine: angelic stone with positive energy that enrages us to embrace our creative over doubt and self destructive habit

unakite: named for the unaka mountains in north carolina, this stone is seen as a harmonizing one that helps us find compromise, embrace our resilient nature with a strong reminder that love wins

[each bracelet is made with durable elastic .8mm string and each knot is double secured with glue]
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