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eirene —the calming nature of the beautiful goddess of peace finds a place within us all; the diplomat; she helped bring peace and balance to the world around her in times of discourse. much like archetypal energy of the diplomat, eirine was created to remind us of our own duality and ability to balance balance while holding space for our light when the world is stormy but also hold space for our shadows and heal

clear quartz: the healer, amplifier, protector, that helps us connect to our higher self and enhances our alignment with all chakras

rainbow moonstone: our goddess power in a stone, enhances and amplifies our inner selves, protects us with its feminine lunar energy while encouraging us to keep moving

opalite: a beautiful energy clearer that helps it’s wearer feel a sense of stability while often being referred as “merlin’s stone;’ reminding us we are always provided for by the universe; also a power sexual energy stone

celestine angelic stone with positive energy that courages us to embrace our creative over doubt and self destructive habits while being a harmonizing and peaceful stone. also known for heightening intuition

pink aventurine — holding space for the heart chakra, this stone is often seen as a calming stone as we integrate and open ourselves to new experiences often guiding us through our creative space showing us what is truly meant for us. this stone is also said to help with circulation, the immune system and has a potential to be used for detoxing

lotus jasper — a balancing stone said to bring about peace and healing as we let ourselves relax and let both experiences and relationships come to an end

coral — a talisman used in ancient times said to attract positive energy and enhances your intuition to be able to read the duality of the positive and negatives around you while keeping you safe and helping you head
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