Easy Healthy Kitchen Hacks!

It’s been far too long since I’ve done any sort of recipe anything on here! And for someone with a growing foodie account I figured I should share a few of my recipes and favorite eats!

One of my favorite hacks that I discovered when it came to cooking individual servings of pastas and others tomato sauced dishes was what to do with canned and crushed tomatoes. This hack is something that can also be applied other purees and easy dish mixes!

You can also use large ice trays for this trick and once frozen, put the frozen cubes in a tupperware container in the freezer and add the desired number to a sauce pan to defrost and cook into a quick pasta dish!
You can also take the ice cubes out and put in with your pasta to take to work with you to microwave! By the time you are at work and it’s time for lunch, the cubes should have defrosted perfectly to cook right up for lunch!
Doing this is a cost effect, meal prep friendly, taste mix up way to sneak in healthy bites without letting your sauces go bad just sitting in the fridge or defrosting huge batches of pomodoro every time you want pasta! Especially if you are the only one eating it!

Have fun with your recipes! Try pesto mixes and other fun things for meal prep! I suggest getting larger Popsicle trays than I have for this route. I usually use 2 per meal and often mix in ground beef with them!

Here are some more quick healthy recipes and kitchen hacks of mine!

1 Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt [normal size you get for snacks/breakfast]
Quarter Cup Organic Whole Milk
Spices: Dill, ground mustard, garlic salt, thyme, pepper, cayenne pepper, rosemary.
1-2 lemon wedges squeezed [be careful of seeds!]
Pour over a wedge or Boston Bib lettuce with Bacon Bits and if you’re a fan: blue cheese for your own homemade DIY wedge!

The Tumeric and Garlic frites from my homemade steak frites were the real winners tonight. ??????

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Preheat oven to 425
Slice your potato up thing
Toss in olive oil and your favorite herbs! Have fun with the combos!
Bake 20-30 minutes, turning halfway.
I always forget to time this so check on them and determine how crispy you want!
I often turn my oven to 450 toward the end for a little extra crisp!
You can do this for sweet potatoes too!

Get creative and make a delicious dip! Try my ranch dressing! Nix the milk and you’ll have a thicker, delicious dip!

Take your leftover steak and add a little white american cheese! It melts the best! My steak is usually already seasoned from cooking it before so no worries there! Just slice it up! Heat this in a small saucepan while you warm up your bread in the oven! I use O’doughs gluten free sandwich thins because of how amazing this bread is! However,  there are so many options these days!!
Once the bread is ready, I load up my sandwich with my melty meat and cheese! You can do this with check or even wrap it with your favorite wrap or lettuce!

My next foodie post may be my homemade chicken nuggets! I’m still working on perfecting my technique!!

Do you have a favorite food hacks?
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