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do you remember your dreams?
do you wish you had a better understanding of some of the wild and even subtle moments that happen within your dreams?
do you have recurring dreams and even nightmares that you want help sorting through?

then let's chat

i've spent the majority of my life lucid dreaming
as a kid i would have constant and regular nightmares and recurring experiences within my dreams that ranged from prophetic dreams to horror stories but also some really magical fun!
there were times i would spend months on end not sleeping until i taught myself to consciously walk through my dreams which not only helped me prevent the traumatic nightmares but as i got older i was able to better sort out what was going on

through this experience and the healing and other work i've done, i've come to understand that our dreams are absolutely gateways to our own expanded consciousness and often show us mirrors of thing we are experiencing in this lifetime and those parallel to this one

through dream sharing and mapping, i can help you pin point what your dreams often point to in ways that googling dream symbolism cannot

in the text field give me all the info on your dream you want to map out or series of dreams
i will follow up with an email or DM [if we've spoken on a social media platform] with some questions i may have about your world and we'll dive in together!

we can also chat via telegram!

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