The ability, the willingness, the wanting to create a balance between dark and light inside you is an incredibly powerful tool. Simply acknowledging the presence is a step forward in owning who you already are.
Some fear darkness, but darkness is not something to be feared or demonized. It is not something to be packed away in a box as though it does not exist and forgotten in the attic of your soul.
Darkness is something inside us all.
It is something that makes our light that much brighter.
Darkness is something beautiful to hold.
It is feminine.
It is masculine. 
It is beauty in self.
Darkness is passion lit by an eternal flame and in order for us to embrace all we see in the light, to truly value our moments in the sun we must chase, collect, dust off, and polish everything we have hid from in our dark.We must make friends with the skeletons in our closet.
We must occasionally howl at the moon.
We must isolate our hearts behind closed doors and cry.
We must tell the truths about our lies and we must allow our darkness to eclipse our sun.
To balance of the imbalance of our scales? That will not happen overnight.
Not in one week.
Nor in one month.
This scale takes time to balance but as you move through one phase of your darkness, another soul will creep in. A new member of your pack will show up. You will continue to grow. You will learn more. You will see more. You will do more. And nothing about this time will be easy. The hard things are harder, and the easy things are not easy.
You will start to shift.
You will make room.
You will find yourself making more time.Your heart will continue to evolve. There will come a time when the hard things get easier and the easy things get easy again.
You will start to move in and out of your dark space, back into the light as you find more balance within yourself.
Your constant has always been your heart.
Your breath.
The sunrises and sunsets.
And as you dig deeper into who you have always been, who you are, who you want to be, where you came from, and even where you are going with your dark and light: you will find more truth, more compassion, and more empathy for yourself and others. You will find more strength within yourself than you knew existed. You will see more good in the world than ever before.
And when they tell you that you changed
Simply say “I got better at being myself.”