CLTruns4Wards: Update!

Hey guys!

I have an exciting updates on the CLTruns4wards project!

We are delaying the deliveries a week. WHAT?!

Why is this update exciting? It’s exciting because the Urban Ministry does a “Point-In-Time Count” data collection of the whereabouts of those around the city and they just finished conducting the most recent one. They will be sharing this information with us!

We’re going to be able to take this and draw out a better map to use for location those in the most need for delivering backpacks and run maps for  us!

We will be including laminated maps of coordinated services ranging from soup kitchens to mental health to shelters inside each pack we deliver! Did I mention this before? If not, I have now! This is so crucial! Also! A wagon will be following with an assortment of athletic shoes in various sizes to provide to each person.

OK! So backing up a little.. what is a Point in Time Count? From the Urban Ministry Center site:

​​An unduplicated one-night estimate of both sheltered and unsheltered homeless populations. The Point-in-Time Count provides the number and characteristics of persons who are homeless on the night of the count. Sheltered means that a person was in emergency shelter or transitional housing on the night of the count. Unsheltered means that the person was on the street or in some other place unfit for human habitation on the night of the count.

This data is going to really help us with knowing where and who is in the most need for these packs on the new delivery dates which:

The dates are now FEBRUARY 28 and MARCH 1st!


Runnings Works founder, Meredith Dolhare and I will be joined the Charlotte Podcast to talk more about the project, the change of dates, and more!  We had a great time and were able to really cover what all we will be doing with the run! Our part is at the beginning of the podcast so you don’t have to fast-forward or find anything after the introduction is made!

I’ve created TWO Facebook events:

CLTruns4wards Run 1
CLTruns4wards Run 2

Once we have the final details of the route, etc. I will be updating these event pages with ALL the information you need! Until then, pick your day, or both days, you want to take part!

Keep an eye out for any other updates to this post!

We can still use more STURDY backpacks.

You can bring your donations to the Ultra Running store in Myers Park or South End!  Meredith picked up 8 full boxes of donations! We do NOT need anymore toiletry items but like I mentioned, backpacks are needed, we can always use more ponchos, blankets, hats/gloves.

We are seriously so grateful and shocked at how many have contributed to this project! You guys are amazing! And can’t wait to see who all joins in for the runs!

Reminder of what else is in the pack:
Hygiene/Toiletry Products
Re-Usable Waterbottles
Feetures! Socks

We will gather at the NEW Running Works location Uptown and run the routes we create based on the Point in Time Count!
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but wow. So much awesome.


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