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the goal of these 1 hour sessions is to help you become more aware of your own patterns and beliefs, to empower you to rewrite what no longer serves you, provide you with tools to move through experiences with ease, and better understand the root of your own habits and your role in the outcomes of your choices

i will be very honest: the work you will do with me is not full of love and light and we are not here to manifest your bestie or husband none of that you will likely have a few tantrums in the process and those tantrums will help us flow forward
if you want someone to fluff you up, there are plenty of instagram coaches out there that will happily take your money to do so

there are also plenty of coaches and practitioners whose work will have you convinced it's everyone's fault but your own and that the universe will guide you

i am not that person

i will help empower you to see how amazing you are and support you through shadows
i will help you understand your own bullshit and habits and help you highlight your badassery
and i will help you grow from your own ick rather than wallow in it
i will help you see you for who you are, the bright af light you are but also the shadows you carry and embody all of you not just pieces of you

these sessions also hold the opportunity for you to take up all the space you need you to simply share what you need to share, ask the questions, pick my brain, or confide in me knowing there is no judgement, no shame

sometimes we simply need someone to see us and hear us
we don't want or need the advice but we want to know we can trust someone with our magic

we will take time to help you integrate and embrace your new beliefs -- this doesn't happen overnight

the sessions start out with us chatting about life, getting to know each other and become more comfortable opening up
this will lead into workshopping your recent experiences from nutrition, breakups, car accidents, interactions with your mother or father, your work experiences, dreams and more
together we will identify and explore patterns that come up

these sessions can either evolve into long term coaching or periodic check ins which are decided on following your sessions

following your purchase of a session you will receive an email from me to schedule our 1:1
as with all my offerings i am available for both in person and virtual sessions can travel

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