birthdays and fresh training starts.

this past weekend was my birthday weekend and it provided me the perfect time to take a training and social media break that i both needed and wanted. i hadn’t taken a social break in a while and wanted to. i still posted on my story but wanted to just relax a bit and do me for a few days. i’ve also been working on revamping a few things and hope to use may to start fresh!

my goal on friday was to actually spend the day relaxing and having fun.
what did i do?
i suddenly gained motivation to literally work all day until my birthday dinner at one of my absolute favorite spots in charlotte, Vivace.

my parents were unsure if they would make it up all day due to a small emergency back home but in the end made it for a great dinner! two of my favorite people were planning on coming, scott and lajoya! surprise to me, another favorite, claire popped in and ended up spending the whole dinner with us which was amazing and made my day on top of it all.

props to me for being the one to take pictures of all her food.
the greenway and sunset.
but not get a single picture of me with friends or in my birthday dress.
i was more focused on the day and just relaxing than on me to be honest.
i don’t even think i saved the video of me blowing out my candle that i did have lajoya take on my insta-story!

the staff did bring me out an amazing appetizer, gluten free and also a wonderful birthday card signed by the whole staff! i love my time at Vivace, every meal! they’re so amazing.

saturday’s plan was up in the air to maybe do something on the lake and possibly bowl that evening but i honestly didn’t care what i did! i had a photoshoot on sunday morning so i knew i wasn’t going to get too crazy!

i ended up relaxing by the pool and caught up on a few emails and planned some things and hung out briefly with one of my neighbors before i headed out to meet up with another friend, Victoria, out at Wooden Robot in south end! where again, after getting dressed up and cute, forgot to take a picture! i met her out with her friends but she and i ended up talking the whole time before we decided to call it an evening.

promptly upon returning home, i decided i was in need of chips and salsa and the twins were cooking dinner so i picked some up on my way over to see them! and we even made a giant skillet cookie -gluten free of course! — and i absolutely had half for my serving and candle blowing 🙂 after which we chatted and gabbed about life and training and drove one of the twin’s boyfriend crazy with the girltalk for a bit.

and then birthday weeekend festivities concluded with a photoshoot for luxe angel and brunch at 5Church!

followed by a meeting and some work.
so ok, i didn’t do the whole not working thing but i did take a small step back which was absolutely needed.
and 100% refreshing before i jump into an adjusted training block because i had taken the last 5 or so days off from any training to rid myself of a headache and well.
it’s may, fresh start is here!

thank you everyone who reached out and wished me happy birthday! and shared in my birthday weekend! i am so grateful and appreciate every single one of you!

however, now that i’m rested, i may be in the mood to party now?

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