Reactions: Authenticity is key in Social Media

In a world filled with fake: be authentic. In a society filled with people trying to tell you to be someone or something you’re not: be authentic. Try so hard to hold onto you but be flexible to lean new things in the process. Know who you are and what you stand for. Someone can call you something or tell the world you’re something: that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re that something. If you take a step back and see that you are: either fix it if you don’t like it, or go with the flow. Either way, show the world who you are through your actions. Don’t let social media dictate your life.

In case you missed it, there have been a few media spots over the last few weeks featuring Smasheton.
From pieces naming me a top Influencer in Charlotte, to a piece highlighting my experiences with social media and a couple other bits with my growing business.
What I do and what I don’t do.
And just some me-ness mixed in.

And some pieces that those who know me did NOT care for how I was portrayed. Why? They didn’t agree.
They see me as stronger, better, more authentic and empowering.
Me too.
And that’s pretty awesome.

So while it’s no secret that bottom line is: I don’t work for free. It doesn’t pay anyone’s bills.
But I never stop having fun.
If it’s not fun, I take a break. I stop replying to emails, close my computer, step outside and just play. I process it and do what I love.
You’ve seen that in posts of mine over the last few months as I really do value myself, others, and my work.
I also want others, influencers and newbies to the scene, to learn their worth as well.

But one thing that I hope others have read through all of this is that I stay true to me and my purpose.
It took me a while to learn parts of my worth and when to be firm and when to fold.
But I will never fold on my authenticity.
And in this industry: authenticity is becoming rare.
I am a sarcastic, outspoken, ridiculous young woman who has been through a crazy amount in 27 years.
My skillsest ranges from coaching to social media management and I can even cook. I have a degree in politics but I have an eye for the arts, problem solving and management can fall in there because it’s just what I do. I’m a creative with passion to change the world and I have no problem stepping out of the box to do so. I’ll coach you but not just through fitness. Don’t discount what I can do because my skillset goes beyond what you see in the squares on Instagram.

I chose not to go to law school because I wanted to do more with my world than that.
Law and politics weren’t my true passion. Law was a cop out, politics was a hobby but weren’t my passion.
My passion boils down to reaching as many lives as possible by the most effective outlets through my love for movement and empowering others to be the most amazing version of themselves.

So what did I do? I took a childhood dream to be a model with a purpose and turned Smasheton into a business. So what? I followed a cool dream. I dare you to follow yours.

Through the evolution of Smasheton, I now only partner with those I feel most authentically fit my branding; those who align best with my feed. There have been a few I’ve tested who felt like a fun fit but ended up not working in the long run. That’s ok!
I may not have a set sponsor for the year, but that’s important to note, too. Yes, I want one but it says a lot about me.

It says I don’t do this all for the money. I maintain my voice, and will always stay true to my original message no matter what is going on behind the square boxes.
Have I stopped doing what I do just because I’m not getting paid? No. Do I plan to stop? No. Why? Because I’m not going to stray away from my original goal and message which is to inspire and empower others.
At the same time, I have lofty goals. I won’t settle for less than I deserve. I know my worth.
And yes, I have a form email I send to some that simply says “I don’t work for free.”

Me being a “free agent influencer” says a lot about me as a Ninja of all trades.
It may be stressful BUT you know my voice is authentic. It is even when posts are sponsored though.
It says that I still do this out of love and passion for what I am doing.
[p.s. I’m never going to stop running guys, so you’ll probably always have posts unless I decide I hate Instagram, and there are days I hate it. Reviews will happen, food and recipes on the site: completely separate.]

If I were to pick two words to describe myself I would pick authentic and empowering.
I stay true to me in everything I do with the hopes of empowering you to do the same and be the best version of you. The media, others, haters, anyone who wants to say otherwise: they don’t know me or my heart. I’m not perfect. I screw up. But when I say I love what I do, I mean it. When I say there are frustrations with what I do: I mean it. But frustrations aren’t going to stop me from doing what I love. The base of everything my business is built on is MOVEMENT. And I’m NEVER going to stop moving. No one can take that passion away from me.  You don’t have to pay me to love to do that. That’s engrained in me from Day 1.
From here on out know that my voice is and always will be mind.
I will always share with you my love for movement and knowledge on life and never stop doing what I do.

I have actually pulled permission from others to post or repost my content because it takes away from the authenticity of my brand and voice. I will turn down opportunities for money because something doesn’t fit what I do. I don’t care that some PR agency is “positive” that their product fits my branding. I have the final say and someone’s weigh-loss, fat-loss, get skinny quick gimmick will never fit what I do.

But really, I can’t say it enough: I love inspiring and empowering each and every one of you to get out and do what you love and move.
I don’t want every single post on my Instagram feed to be paid.
That’s not real life.
I’ve learned to not care so much if someone doesn’t like me.
I don’t care if you don’t run.
I don’t care if you can’t hold a 5 minute plank. I’m not sure I can either, I’m far too easily distracted.
I care that you treat me with respect and give me the same chance I’m going to give you.
I don’t care that you past is speckled.
What I care about is that you want to get out and just do.
What I care about is that you are true to yourself and you’re authentically you, too.
I care that you care about your life enough to follow your passion in life.
And I love that I get to be part of it.
While for most it may only be virtual, I still am part in some way.
I may get overwhelmed answering questions some days.
And there are absolutely creeps out there who send some whoa too much messages.
The majority of those who follow me are freaking amazing.
And those are who freaking rock.

So if you’re following me on social media or know me in real life: know that I’m doing what I do because I love it.
Authenticity matters.

And guys, I’m more than Instagram. My life isn’t Instagram. Instagram just happens to be the best tool to help me with my goal of reaching and touching as many lives as possible right now.
So remember, just because I’ve made a business out of Smasheton, doesn’t take away from the authenticity of ME.
It just enhances it.

What else have I been up to lately?
I’ve been working on #CLTruns4wards efforts and training guides to be published.
I’m so stoked for what we have coming next week!
I also hope to be finalizing a new partnership this week that will lead to a really rad post.
Because well, you guys deserve this kind of awesome.

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