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athena while often known for being the goddess of war, her place as goddess of wisdom is what earned her respect as she maneuvered disputes diplomatically while balancing her knowledge within the world of crafts; her passion for teaching and keeping peace is very much at the heart of athena

the athena bracelet was created to remind us all that within every battle we face, everything stems from love and it’s our choice to use that love to heal rather than hurt

clear quartz: the healer, amplifier, protector, that helps us connect to our higher self and enhances our alignment with all chakras

brown goldstone: courageous stone protecting our warrior spirit a s we keep grounded; a beautiful reminder that starts shine bright in the dark because we are truly radiant beings

howlite: calms our spirits as we let go of anger and past energy so we can embrace who and where we are now

rainbow fluorite: a very mystic stone that helps us remain grounded as we explore and call in all the knowledge within our hearts

golden obsidian: a shielding stone that helps repel negative energy and connects us to the diviner’s as we release our ego and manifest our dreams

rose quartz: the love of all love, fueled by self love with it’s calm and gently energy that is always open to the romantic in us all

[each bracelet is made with durable elastic .8mm string and each knot is double secured with glue]
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