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artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunt; while known for her archery, she is the goddess of the woods and a lover of animals and children as the virgin goddess; her twin brother is apollo

this bracelet one of the first bracelets i created with the intention of completely embodying the feminine spirit balanced with our masculine; she is so strong yet soft as she helps us recognize and step into who we are and have always been

stones used
clear quartz: the healer, amplifier, protector, that helps us connect to our higher self and enhances our alignment with all chakras

rainbow moonstone: our goddess power in a stone, enhances and amplifies our inner selves, protects us with its feminine lunar energy while encouraging us to keep moving

opalite: a beautiful energy clearer that helps it’s wearer feel a sense of stability while often being referred as “merlin’s stone;’ reminding us we are always provided for by the universe; also a power sexual energy stone

amethyst: our protector, aids in communication and enhances our intuition as we focus and connect

beryl: an angelic stone carrying property of many stones, filled with divine love reminding us it’s ok to let go of our anxious energy while also consciously increasing our awareness

labradorite: mystic stone known for protecting and shielding while enhancing our strength, intuition, and connection to our psychic abilities

amazonite: a soft stone of honesty and integrity helping us release our fears and relax as we heal our inner and outer wounds; a warrior stone

[each bracelet is made with durable elastic .8mm string and each knot is double secured with glue]
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