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apollo is known as the god of the sun and healing, also said to be the god of prophecy and archery along side his twin sister artemis; both he and his sister hold a beautiful balance of their masculine and feminine energies

this bracelet was created with the twin spirit in mind as the originals were made with my brother and one of my best friends, who is very much "twin," in mind
it's a protective bracelet reminding us we are not only wildly capable but full of strength and a love embodies all men

stones used:
clear quartz: the healer, amplifier, protector, that helps us connect to our higher self and enhances our alignment with all chakras

rhyolite: a stone of joy connecting us to animals as we accept ourselves both past and present; a strong endurance fueled stone

garnet: the stone of abundance helping us commit to growth while revealing how connected we all are; fueled by strength from our own divine love

dragon vein agate: the stone of honesty helping us realize happiness and self love is within us all as it highlights lessons allowing us to see ourselves as we are

tigers eye: empowering, courageous, and joyful stone that holds a sense of joy and clarity while we bring our ideas to life; it’s said to help balance and bring a sense of unity

lava stone: connects us with our own ancient knowledge as we heal and grow while providing guidance as we travel through all experiences the universe gives us

ruby zoisite: full of strange, this stone enhances healing, a metamorphic stone opening us to connection and heart

[bracelet fits 7'-8' wrists]
[each bracelet is made with durable elastic .8mm string and each knot is double secured with glue]
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