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aphrodite as told is the goddess of love and beauty fueled by pleasure and procreation with a strong essence of the sea from where she is said to have emerged

a bracelet created for its unseen strength, helping us recognize that love exists within our hearts as we dive deep within ourselves, seeing just how magnetic we are to those around us

"i am love and love is me"

stones used:
lava stone: connects us with our own ancient knowledge as we heal and grow while providing guidance as we travel through all experiences the universe gives us

snow quartz: creates space for play as it rinses us of negativity away with it’s dreamy aura while opening our eyes to all aspects of our feminine

hematite: strengthening stone that embodies our shadower, helping us become more aware of our strength, weaknesses, and where we have healed and potentially open wounds

sodalite: this calming stone helps us feel ease within changing tides of life while helping us accept the idea that we are luminous, creative, and beautiful

opalite: a beautiful energy clearer that helps it’s wearer feel a sense of stability while often being referred as “merlin’s stone;’ reminding us we are always provided for by the universe; also a power sexual energy stone

zebra stone: an endurance stone heeling us all balance our masculine and feminine energies while protecting us as we express our truths and passion while remaining grounded

freshwater pearl* a feminine goddess symbol said to be aphrodite's own tears of joy and a symbol of sexuality and fertility only available on the 6.5 inch bracelets

[each bracelet is made with durable elastic .8mm string and each knot is double secured with glue]
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