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the god of wind guides us with his winds and reminds us we always know the way, we just have to learn to listen

lava stone: connects us with our own ancient knowledge as we heal and grow while providing guidance as we travel through all experiences the universe gives us

pyrite: helps us all shift our mindset as it helps us see beyond what is shown, beyond the facade

tigers eye: empowering, courageous, and joyful stone that holds a sense of joy and clarity while we bring our ideas to life; it’s said to help balance and bring a sense of unity

lapis lazuili: bringing us peace and calm as we connect with ourselves and protecting us a we evolve

dendrite opal: a hopeful and intuitive tone, this less common opal helps us dive deep and understand our minds and helps us come to stronger decisions while sparking motivation to finish projects

each bracelet is made with 4mm gems and crystals
size is a "large" which runs around 7.75inches-8inches

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